Open Source Projects From Top Internet Companies

Lot of Internet companies have contributed to open source. Here is the list of open source projects from 4 top Internet companies



Facebook uses, maintains, and contributes to a significant number of major projects- in areas like native mobile tools, big data systems, client-side web libraries, backend runtimes and infrastructure, and through the Open Compute Project, server and storage hardware. Facebook contribution to open source can be largely categorized into Mobile, Web, Back-end and Infrastructure. Facebook open sources projects like



Airbnb, which has made an incredible progress in a couple of years, and has open sourced some great projects on GitHub. Airbnb also hosted OpenAir 2015, their second technology conference, sometime in June 2015 and they had an amazing turnout of bright minds from across the industry, more than doubling the attendance from 2014. Airbnb open sources projects like



Netflix both leverages and provides open source technology focused on providing the leading Internet television network. Their technology focuses on providing immersive experiences across all internet-connected screens. The top Netflix open source projects’ list cover three following categories – Big Data, Build and Delivery Tools, Common Runtime Services and Libraries, Data Persistence, Reliability and Performance and Security. Netflix open sources projects like



Twitter engineers use, contribute to and release a lot of open source software. Twitter has 131 public repos, maintained by 116 active twitter members around the globe. Twitter as such started as a simple Ruby on Rails application but soon realized that – to meet the scale demand of twitter, they need to re-invent and revamp the entire platform. And while doing that, they had implemented and open sourced many great projects. Twitter also maintains an open source community Twitter handle @TwitterOSS. Twitter open sources projects like